Online Business Management

The SGC is a complete solution for managing your company, adjustable to your business from 1500 Mt/month, with billing, stakeholder management, and accounting. We accompany the customer in the process of authorizing the use of the system with the Tax Authority.


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Human Resources

Online HR has features such as employee registration, attendance control, processing, payment of salaries, and monitoring of statements by employees.

With online HR, the execution of these routine processes is automated, using information technologies ensuring the reduction of error margins.

We also have the possibility to constantly increase the program according to your needs.


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Stock management

The Stock Management System is the middle ground found by ITIS to support small companies to track, forecast, and reconcile inventory, allowing these companies to eliminate stock waste, reduce expenses; inventory costs, waste, knowing exactly how much value you have invested in the stock and making assertive decisions.


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Academic Management and Treasury

It is an internet-based system that consists of an academic portal. Aimed at higher education and technical institutions in Mozambique, the portal allows management of all areas related to academic management, facilitates the routine activities of all those involved in the institution’s teaching and learning process.


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