Online Business Management

A solution that allows efficient management combined with technology, automating all the processes involved in the management of your company.

Your Company Management

Online in real-time

The SGC is an online invoicing program, certified by the Tax Authority of Mozambique.

The application was born from the need to work with an intuitive, simple, safe, and easy to use invoicing program.

One of the great advantages of the SGC is that it does not need to be installed on the computer because it was created in the cloud and because it is an online system it is possible to access the application wherever and whenever the customer wishes.

Excellence in management processes

  • Proforma codes, invoices, receipts, credit notes and debit notes that make the connection between the sequential number and the current year;

  • It presents values ​​and other elements of the invoice in national language and currency (Portuguese and Meticais), respectively;

  • Supports a database that allows updates and queries;

  • It has backup and security mechanisms;

  • It has routines for issuing Credit and Debit Notes;

  • It does not allow data to be altered in the invoice issued;

  • List invoices issued, paid and canceled as well as the respective amounts;

  • List of Credit and Debit Notes Issued, as well as all documents issued.