Management of Expenses and Income

Efficient and flexible technological mechanism to the customer, providing better service, cost reduction, time savings, control and greater security in making administrative and financial decisions.

Expenses and Income

Online in real-time

The Expense Management System aims at rationalizing and controlling expenses and standardizing procedures regarding internal requisitions, payments, activity plans, monitoring & evaluation of expenses versus activity plan.

The Expense Management System was conceived as an expense management optimization tool, which aims to provide users with adequate means to perform their activities resulting from their functions based on the support of the system.

Excellence in management processes

  • Activity Plan by Organizational Unit;

  • Pending and Paid Requisitions

  • Funding Sources and Bank Data

  • Budgeting by Source of Funding

  • Budget Reviews

  • Budgeting

  • Analytical Balance Sheets, Periodic Synthetic

  • Various Reports