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Business Simulation Boot Camp Online is a business and entrepreneurship course based on the Business Practices and Entrepreneurship System (SPEE). Through the simulation of the real market, teenagers are led to overcome the challenges of creating a formal business in the virtual market and managing it. During the program, all trainees will identify business opportunities, form partnerships, form companies, develop all management activities, going through routine activities, until the demonstration of their companies’ financial results.

During the Course You can:

  • Find a partner within the platform who shares the same values ​​as yours;

  • Identify an opportunity in the virtual market;

  • Test the opportunity;

  • Define a business model;

  • Simulate the creation of a formal company with national legislation and procedures

  • Structure your business;

  • Seek funds;

  • Buying and meeting tax obligations.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the course free?

    It is not free. It is priced at 5000MT with VAT included.

  • Can payment be paid in installments? Until when should I make the payment?

    The ideal is that it is full payment, however we can conditionally grant 2 installments, where the first installment is 2500Mt paid until the end of the second week after registration and the second until the end of the third week.

  • Who made the first one has to pay?

    Whoever made the first edition has direct access and can continue with their companies interact in the market and it's free.

  • The course has started, can I still enter?

    Yes you can enter at any time, as long as you have the administrative part regularized.

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flexible and mobile educational solution. With online content, tutoring, monitoring and assistance and

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