Business Simulation - SPEE

Learn by doing

A pioneering technological solution in the training of staff capable of dealing with the complex reality of the market in Mozambique.

SPEE is to simulate processes of real entities

In a virtual ecosystem.

SPEE is the meeting of efforts of real market entities (ITIS, BCI, IPEME, OCAM, BVM, AMPETIC, AT, Ebau, EDM, ADN among others) to “Train professionals of the future”. It is our response to the problem of the weak growth of organizations, it is the first step towards the present and future world.

  • SPEE is about using technology for management
  • SPEE is about learning to think
  • SPEE is about formalizing companies
  • SPEE is about the relationship with the Bank (Academia BCI)
  • SPEE is about guidance to SMEs (Academia IPEME)
  • SPEE is about financing alternatives (BVM Academy) …


First Certificate of Start-up and SME Advisory Techniques arises through the union of efforts between educational institutions, government institutions, the private sector, and international entities, with a view to enhancing Mozambican intellectual capital and facilitating access to the labor market for trainees.

SPEE Certification

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